Extra's-Chocolates, Cake, Cards, Toys

Check out our range of extra's that can be added to our Gift's.  

You can also order these gifts on their own and add extras to them.

Order online or call 0434 618 936

  • 7 x 10g sachet pack of AKUNAMGOLD Manuka Honey Honey sachet


    AKUNAMGOLD MANUKA HONEY 7's 7 Handy sachets, easy to use, enjoy anything, on the go, or add to drinks. 100% AUSTRALIAN NATURAL GOODNESS MGO LEVEL GRARANTEED 888+ Anunamgold is based on Queensland's iconic Gold Coast and has been established in...

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  • Chocolate Gateau Cake in a Cake box. Cake box ready for delivery

    Chocolate Gateau Cake Gift in a Cake Box

    Chocolate Gateau cake. Yum Yum   This is a good size cake and Layered with Chocolate Moose and Chocolate Cake and topped of the large Chocolate slithers and icing sugar dust. It can be ordered as an Extra add on or on its own.  Cake is...

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  • Favourites Chocolate 373 gr

    Favourites 373g

    Favourites Boxed Chocolates   Make the most of any get-together with a box of Cadbury Favourites. Full of all your favourite chocolate brands in miniature, there is something for everyone in a Favourites box! Cadbury Favourites contains all...

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  • Geo Candle Co Handmade Soy Candles. Around 70 hour burn time. In beautiful containers with a Geo design on the front. Geo Candle Co Handmade Soy Candles. Around 70 hour burn time.

    Geo Candle Co Handmade Soy Candles

    Amazing perfume Soy Candles made locally, on the Gold Coast. Helping support local business we have added these very special items to our site. Trimming the wick after burning will help prolong the life of these beautiful candles. These are around...

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  • Hug me toy with heatable or chill Tourmaline beads.

    Hug Me Toy

    Hug toys.  We have a very cute huggable Lamb. 28cm high. These have a bag of  Chill or heatable pellets which you can put in a microwave to heat and hug the toy. Can be used without the pellets. 

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  • Hugo puppy 24cm. Cream - white with beige pads and ears. Little red heart on his nose, very cute. Holding a heart with Love written on it.

    Hugo Puppy

    Hugo Puppy with sparkle Heart with love written on it. 24cm He is cream/white with beige ears and pads on his feet. Very cute. 

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