Chocolate Hampers

These are popular for so many occasions. 

Great for Birthday's, Anniversary's, special surprises.

If you have special requirements call us on 0434 618 936 


  • Bailey's & Chocolate's is very popular 700 ml Baileys with a glass and Lindt Chocolates and a Toblerone.

    Bailey's & Chocolate's

    This is a popular gift.  We have brought it back onto the website due to people requesting it. Comes in a box wrapped in cellophane with Bows. Contains: Bailley's 700 ml Lindt Lindor Chocolates 125g A Glass  A Toblerone 50g...

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  • This is a great gift box. Contains a 700 ml Baileys, Grassmere Salted Pretzels, Grassmere Chocolate Coated Almonds, A Glass and 50g Toblerone.  Great for so many occasions.

    Baileys Box Gift

    Bailey's Box makes a great gift for so many occasions and is one of our most popular gifts. Comes in a open box wrapped in Cellophane with a bow. Grassmere Cottage Pretzels 35g Grassmere  Cottag Gourmet Chocolate Coasted Almonds...

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  • Gift box with assorted chocolate bars. Very popular.

    Burleigh Chocolate Gift Box

    This Chocolate Gift box comes with a variety of chocolate bars. Who wouldn't like this one!  It is a very popular gift.   13 Assorted Bars Gift box wrapped in cellophane with a bow Message card    

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  • Chocolate gift tray, full of Chocolate and sure to keep a chocolate lover happy. Tim Tams, Lindt Block, Chocolate bites, Dairy Milk 220g box, After Dinner mints, and Peanut Slab.

    Choc Choc Choc Chocolate Gift

    This Chocolate gift Tray is packed with a variety of chocolate's.   Included in the gift bag are all these chocolate goodies   A packet of Tim Tam Biscuits 200g Cadbury Daily Milk box  220g After Dinner Mints 150g Allen's Chicos...

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  • This large Gift Tray is a great gift for a Family or that Birthday gift for a sweet tooth.  Full of Chocolate and Sweet items.

    Chocolate Bounty gift

    This is a great Gift and one of our my Popular.  Great for a Birthday, A family Gift, or that Chocolate lover. We also have lots of extra's that you can add, Beer, wine, etc.  Included in the hamper are: Favourites 320g Nobby's...

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  • Chocolate box with Bhuja, Favourites, Raspberry Bullets, Tim Tams and Body wash and washer.

    Chocolate Box

    Chocolate box is a nice gift for the Chocolate lover. Included in this hamper are: Favourites 373g Tim Tam Biscuits 175g Grassmere White Chocolate Raspberry Bullets 75g Bhuja Mix 150g Baylis and Harding Body Wash 200 ml for the guys Mesh...

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  • Chocolate Gateau Cake in a Cake box. Cake box ready for delivery

    Chocolate Gateau Cake Gift in a Cake Box

    Chocolate Gateau cake. Yum Yum   This is a good size cake and Layered with Chocolate Moose and Chocolate Cake and topped of the large Chocolate slithers and icing sugar dust. It can be ordered as an Extra add on or on its own.  Cake is...

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  • Gift box with two 187 ml wines, and Shiraz and YellowGlen Brut with a wine glass. A 125g bag of Lindt chocolate and a block of Lindt chocolate.

    Chocolate Wine Box

    This cool gift box is a very popular gift.  One of our best sellers!   187ml red wine (Shiraz) 187ml white wine.(Yellowglen Brut) 125g Lindt Lindor chocolates Block of Lindt Chocolate 100 gr  A wine Glass   This...

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  • Nice gift for a coffee lover with coffee bags and Essence, Fruit and nut mix, Loacker Tortina Biscuits, Lindt block and Gourmet Cranberry and Walnut mix.

    Coffee & Chocolate

    Coffee & Chocolate Gift is a new one which we have added. Great gift for a coffee lover! This is be wrapped in Cellophane and tied with a bow and a message card supplied. Included in the this hamper are: Robert Timms coffee bags...

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  • A box full of Gold Colour themed items. Liquorice bullets, Nobby's Nuts, Toblerone, Whittaker's chocolate block, Flake bites,  Grassmere Handmade Caramel popcorn and my Snax Jelly beans.

    Goldie Gift

    This Gift  packed with a variety of chocolates & Sweets. Great for a sweet tooth.   Included in the Gift Tray are all these items.   Darrell Lea Little Brittle 200g Toblerone 200g Nobby's Nuts 375g Whittakers Chocolate...

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  • Gift box with wine. Selections available. Bag of Lindt chocolates, Elite Assorted nuts and Salted Pretzels.

    Gotya Wine Gift Box

    This Gift is suitable for so many occasions.   This Gift box comes with a 750ml Wine. Selection available for your choice. Also included: Lindt Lindor Assorted Chocolate 125g Grassmere Cottage Gourmet Elite Assorted Nuts...

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  • Gift box with Kahlua 700ml, Grassmere Gourmet Salted Pretzels, Grassmere Gourmet Chocolate Coated almonds, Glass and Toblerone

    Kahlua Gift box

    This is box is or the Coffee Liqueur, Kahlua Lover. Gift box comes wrapped in Cellophane with bows and ribbon's. Included in this gift box are: Grassmere Cottage GourmetSoft Jubes 100g Grassmere Cottage Gourmet Chocolate Coated...

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