Children's Gifts

We carry a range of Children's Gifts. Call us if you have any special requirements.

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  • Cool Gift for 6-8 years. Books with activities. 40 gel pens, Pencil case, Building set and a bag of party mix. All in one big gift bag. Gift Bag

    Big Bag Gift 1

    Gift Bag 1 is a great gift. Age group would be 6-8 Comes in a big gift bag. Included in the gift are: Activity book which is full of puzzles, games  Giant Hidden pictures and more book.  This one will last for ages! Colouring, join...

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  • Gift suitable for about 5 years. Bunchem's, Jewelry making pack, Hopper Ball, Travel game, Body wash and a box of Favourites.

    Bunchem's Gift Bag

    This gift comes in a large Gift Bag and is suitable for around 5 year old. The bag is tied with ribbons and bows. Included in this gift bag are: Bunchems - Very cool, join them, shape them and create. Secret Message Jewelry Pack. Surprise...

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  • Chocolate Gateau Cake in a Cake box. Cake box ready for delivery

    Chocolate Gateau Cake Gift in a Cake Box

    Chocolate Gateau cake. Yum Yum   This is a good size cake and Layered with Chocolate Moose and Chocolate Cake and topped of the large Chocolate slithers and icing sugar dust. It can be ordered as an Extra add on or on its own.  Cake is...

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  • This is great for the child that is into science. A weather station, everything you need is included, except the weather! 64page colouring sheets in a book with 15 pencils included. Make your own pillow & a bag of Party mix lollies.

    Deluxe Gift 2

    This is a great gift. Around 8 year old   This gift bag contains Steam Powered Girls Weather Station. Learn about the weather. Wind Vane, Anemometer Hub, Rain Gauge, Funnel cover, Thermomter, Compas, and more. Make your own pillow, animal may...

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  • An awesome gift bag. In this Gift Bag are a boxed Jigsaw pack, Gel Pens, Tub of Floss, Shopkins body wash, A sticker and activity book and a Car and Trailer set.

    Elijah's Childs Gift Pack

    We have made a gift that we think would keep a boy entertained!  3 years + This is a great gift for a child, especially from Nana or Grandad who are sending A gift from afar. Lots of things to keep them busy are included in this Gift Bag...

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  • Favourites Chocolate 373 gr

    Favourites 373g

    Favourites Boxed Chocolates   Make the most of any get-together with a box of Cadbury Favourites. Full of all your favourite chocolate brands in miniature, there is something for everyone in a Favourites box! Cadbury Favourites contains all...

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  • Bag of Fun! Zoomerang Marble Maze, You & Me Activity Book, 40 Gel Pens, 3 in 1 Body Wash-Shampoo,  and a bag of Chico lollies. All in a suitable gift bag.

    Fireworks Hamper

    This is gonna go off with a bang, some lucky kid will get this one. Presented in a large gift bag and tied with ribbons suitable for the occasion. Included in this bag are: Zoomerang Marble Maze with a special lifter. Very Cool! You and Me Activity...

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  • Nice gift pack for around 4-5 years. Comes with a bounce ball which are great fun, Paint Station, Frozen Mould n'Play 3D figure maker, Shampoo-Body wash and a box of favourites.

    Girl Gift

    This gift Comes in a Large gift bag suitable for the occasion. 4-5 years + Included in this gift are: Hopper Ball, sit on the bounce! Great fun. Craz Art Softee Dough. Gold n Play 3D figure maker A Paint Station. Contains 3 paint pods,...

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  • Gift bag with a Lamb which is like a hot water bottle. Hold a heat bag in his tummy, pens, body wash, sticker or colouring book and A toy and book set.

    Hug Me Lambie Gift Bag

    Great Gift bag for Children over 3 years. This will be a really popular gift for a lucky child. Comes in a gift bag tied with ribbon. A cuddle lamb with a bag in it's tummy which is put in the microwave and heated to make a cuddly warm toy...

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  • Hugo puppy 24cm. Cream - white with beige pads and ears. Little red heart on his nose, very cute. Holding a heart with Love written on it.

    Hugo Puppy

    Hugo Puppy with sparkle Heart with love written on it. 24cm He is cream/white with beige ears and pads on his feet. Very cute. 

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  • We will make us a gift for you to the value of $100.00

    Let us pick for you! $100.00

    If you are not sure what to pick, let us make the decision for you.  You can give us an idea of what sort of gift you would like in the notes. Chocolate, Cheese, Fruit or pamper. Or a mixed gift.

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